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The Green Study is a blog I always look forward to reading. The blog amazes me because I often find words expressing my thoughts better than I can verbalize them.

Today I was thinking that I should try writing prompts to spur more creative writing. Though I write every day for clients, I don’t write enough for myself.

So, I’ll use the questions in The Green Study post as my prompts for today.

What are your biggest worries?

As someone who has never ceased to worry even in the best of times, this is a tough question. I would say that my biggest worry reflects what I focus on the most, i.e., physical and financial health. Both will inevitably change despite my daily regimen and rigorous planning for the future. How long will these health factors remain strong, and how will I cope as they diminish over the years to come?

What has given you great joy/comfort/laughter?

My granddaughter’s FaceTime calls when she just wants to say Hi.
My grandson’s smile of newly emerging teeth.
Walks under the warm sun and the cool breeze as I watch the corn stalks grow a little higher each day.
A day with no commitments, open to spontaneity and endless possibilities.

What’s your best advice at the moment of others?

Don’t take negativity to heart, and don’t take positivity for granted.

The Green Study

This is my writer’s place of last resort. It is how I hope to find the way back to my voice. So I write.

I will write through a migraine.

I will write even though I do not know what I have to say.

I will write in spite of the toxic air outside my window.

I will write even though it seems as if the world has gone mad.

I will write knowing that people will believe anything if it suits what they already believe.

I will write even though I am afraid that this is the only place I will ever be read.

I will write at peak loneliness when I’ve been communicating nonstop from this little weird virtual island I call my desk.

I will write while asking myself is it worth it?

I will write even though it has all been said before.

I will write…

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