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Photo by Perfecto Capucine on Pexels.com

Reedsy Discovery introduced me to the world of writing book reviews. In exchange for free access to books before they launch, I was invited to be a book reviewer on their platform. I completed my first review, which is now published on discover, and I am now finishing my second book.  In case you are approached by Reedsy as well, I wanted to share with you that it’s been a great experience.

Reedsy Discovery is a relatively new platform, launched in 2019, for readers to discover quality indie books, as explained by Victoria, a Community Manager at Reedsy. She initially emailed me in December, 2019, but I was overwhelmed with work at the time, and so I declined. Victoria came back to me in May, saying that she stumbled over my blog again and wanted to know if I would reconsider. I was in a much better place to accept. Also, a little flattery goes a long way as I am always excited to hear that anyone reads my blog.

Ego aside, I explored their website and it sounded like fun. I applied and was accepted in about a week. I was then surprised to receive an email the same day from Felicia, the Editorial Manager, welcoming me on board and inviting me to a call so she could present the platform and respond to any queries. After the call, she promptly came back to me with answers to my questions. When I fumbled with downloading the book, she sent me a copy formatted to be compatible with my Kindle. Now I can use all my Kindle features, like highlights and comments, so when I am ready to write the review, I can easily revisit my notes.

I am impressed with their professionalism, customer service and quick turnaround. There’s no commitment or targets you have to reach in terms of books read or reviewed. Just fun and lots of choices.

If you’re like me, always looking for something different to read and enjoy writing about it, Reedsy Discovery may be right for you too.