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Snow in May?

Here’s a hint of what is wrong with this picture: This photo was taken May 9 in Northeastern U.S. The grass is green, and leaves are growing on the trees, but instead of a barbecue on the deck, there is a dusting of snow. It’s just not right.

I recall snowstorms in April as a child. It was unusual, but they passed quickly and succumbed to the warm spring air that followed. But it’s 38 degrees here now with sun losing the battle to clouds. It makes me wonder if spring will ever arrive or if it’s in quarantine like the rest of us. I suppose the 77-degree weather we had last week was a cruel tease.

I miss my long walks in the spring when it is such a joy to inhale the ambrosial air before summer pushes through air so hot that it overwhelms my meandrous thoughts. When the sweat exudes and curtails the drive I get from the music pumping through my headphones, I slow my pace and head home.

I know some people walk year-round, but I am sort of the Goldilocks of power walks. It can’t be too cold or too hot. Goldilocks on the run – now that’s a picture that’s just right.