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Reading an article on LinkedIn, “Designing Your Organization for Purpose and Impact,” I found some helpful takeaways. Although Mindy Grossman is addressing the business community, I think we would all benefit from the “purpose filter” philosophy.

Inspired by this concept, I see applicability in different areas of my life that require focus; health, finance, career, study and joy. Here is my personalized version of Grossman’s business strategic vision, which she refers to as her company’s “Impact Manifesto”:

  • Foundation: Lay out a clear and actionable purpose.
  • Design for impact: Develop standards and the how (processes and protocols).
  • Impact: Ensure all decisions and actions align with the purpose.
  • Commitment: Run all that we do through a “purpose filter.”

I am thinking about the contradictions that undermine my efforts, like reading emails in the morning when I had committed to a workout, putting together a budget and then blowing it on something I don’t need, and complaining that I’m burnt out while my vacation entitlement is egregiously ignored. I start out with the best intent but then travel down a different path. It’s clear now that I’ve missed one of the key steps – forgot my purpose, did not work through how I’m going to get it done, behaved in a way contrary to my purpose or did not take the time to consider if my actions made sense based on what I really wanted.

I use the first person perspective because I am tying this to my own experience, but I believe everyone can relate to this. We often ask ourselves what went wrong / how did this happen? Maybe this is a way to figure it out, not by chance but on purpose.