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Another tragic, horrific event; another shaken community. I’m reading the updates about the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting yesterday, which now states the victims were as young as 18 months old. I can’t help rehashing the chilling shock and sadness of the past shootings of Kindergarteners so close to home and the execution of young Amish girls. 

People with different perspectives point to these violent massacres as an example of whatever their agenda is: Guns, religion, mental health funding, etc. History has shown that as more news unfolds about the murderer, victims and political reactions, the event will be dissected, turned inside and out, and over-anayzed to make someone’s point. But there are no answers and no solutions in sight. We’re all just too afraid to admit that this can happen anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. 

There is no way to explain it, absorb it or accept it. Frightfully, there seems no way to stop it. All we can do is feel it. And I do, very deeply. That’s the best we can do, I think. Because with the frequency of these unspeakable acts, it would be horrible if we became jaded, immune to the visceral sorrow and fear that is inherently human. 

Some will react by getting involved in fundraising, gun control legislation or mental health advocacy.  Whether these efforts will bear fruit or not is debatable, and debate we will.  But if we successfully push away the pain, transferring it to whatever platform, then we are surely doomed. 

So sad and senseless.  Nothing more can be said.