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On this somber anniversary of September 11, I am reblogging this post, which rings just as true for me now as it did then. When trying to reconcile senseless destruction and loss of life, sometimes we feel compelled to take away a lesson of some kind. My lesson was to never assume what exists today will exist tomorrow.

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I was looking for inspiration and The Sounds of Peace post reminded me of an untold story from August 2001. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about that day and why it became significant after 9/11, and I never wrote my thoughts until now.

In August 2001, my youngest son was 11 years old and his passion at that time was coin collecting. When I was chatting with a co-worker one day and mentioned this, he suggested I take my son to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which offered a tour of the gold vault.

Federal Reserve building Federal Reserve Bank of New York

It was a great idea! My son loved it. He was mesmerized by the gold bullion on display, largely a relic from an era when gold was used to meet international payments, according to the brochure we were given. Another takeaway was a small bundle of pulverized and compressed notes, equivalent…

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