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The angst, anger and appall I feel, which overshadows each day the hate groups enjoy the support of an American president, is beyond words. There is now a deluge of articles and posts dissecting the subject, and many reflect the dire thoughts swimming in my head. I’m grateful for the courageous and brutal honesty of these writers who say what needs to be said for us today and for posterity, yet the heaviness of it all weighs me down as I try to pretend this is simply another eventful news day. How I wish it was fake news.

As I wrote to my congresswoman, what’s to prevent it from happening where I live? Where my children live?

Austin Hodgens creatively expresses my fears and bewilderment in a way that’s a little easier for me to digest (no pun intended).

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

politics, humor, satire, Donald Trump, racism, Modern PhilosopherAt a time when our President cannot find the words to condemn Nazis and white supremacists, I think it’s time to support a new political party to lead our nation back from the brink of Trump-ageddon, Modern Philosophers.

I offer you the Ice Cream Socialists.

I attended one of their gatherings today, which they refer to as a social.

There were no tiki torches, no hoods to hide the identities of anyone in attendance, and no flags flying other than the Stars and Stripes.

No one marched in anger, shouted obscenities, or looked to engage in a physical altercation with anyone else in attendance.

It was a peaceful gathering of about seventy-five people, who managed to interact without any sort of conflict.

There were plenty of smiles and kind words, though.

And on this breezy summer day in Maine, the Ice Cream Socialists had a very clear platform with…

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