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Have you noticed that the Kellyanne Conway style of speaking is catching on? It came to my attention after an exchange with Sears over my Kenmore refrigerator. Three months after purchasing the appliance, the water dispenser ceased to dispense water. I called Customer Service and was told I needed to replace the water filter. Though skeptical since I expected the filter to last six months, I ordered the part, installed it and the dispenser is now doing its job.

Once I confirmed the water filter did indeed need to be replaced, I called Customer Service again to report that the digital settings failed to alert me when it was almost time, and then past time, to change the filter. This is a recap of the conversation:

Me: The water filter alert settings are not working.

CS: Is the water dispenser working now?

Me: Yes, but according to the manual, an “Order” status light should have gone on at 40 gallons remaining, and a “Replace” status light should have automatically activated when the filter had zero gallons remaining. Neither happened.

CS: Well, the filter should be changed every three to six months.

Me: The manual states, “Replace the water filter every six months, or as indicated by the water filter status light.” It had not been six months and there was no status light.

CS: Well, it depends. Some people call to report their refrigerator is not dispensing water, and then I find out they haven’t changed the filter in over a year.

Me: But that was not my situation. The refrigerator is under Sears’ one year limited warranty, so I want a technician to come and figure out why the settings aren’t working.

CS: I can send someone but if they don’t find anything wrong, they will charge for the service visit. You said the dispenser is working now.

Me: The dispenser is working but the settings are not. The machine is only three months old and I paid for all the features it comes with, so why should I pay for a service visit?

CS: If you have another appliance under a maintenance agreement, then when the technician comes for a maintenance visit, you can ask the tech to check the refrigerator at the same time.

Me: I have a dishwasher under contract, but would the dishwasher technician be able to check the refrigerator?

CS: I didn’t say it would be the same technician. It might be a different technician who would still charge you to look at the refrigerator.

Me: I thought you just said it can be a combined service visit.

CS: But your dispenser is working now, right? When you need to change the filter, the light will be red.

Let’s hear a round of applause to this customer service rep, apparently an honored graduate of the Kellyanne Conway school of double talk, for the cool sidestep. They taught you well.