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I knew we stood head and shoulders above the rest and now scientists have vindicated me and my fellow introverts. The eye-catching title in Inc.com, “Science Says Introverts Lead the Best Companies,” says it’s so.

From the time I interviewed for trainee positions in college and every interview since, I always sensed the hiring manager was looking for a bubbly, confident schmoozer. That was quite a stretch for me. I could fake it for the short-term. Then after the interview was over, I had a craving for chocolate.

It seems that somewhere along the way, companies began to value the attributes of an extrovert over qualifications. But personality can take you just so far. Hence, the study of almost 4600 CEOs that show “companies run by introverted CEOs outperformed their peers.”

Introverts tend to have strong creative, analytical and listening skills. Also, because we don’t stand behind an outgoing personality, we compensate with stellar performance. So as you extroverts climb the corporate ladder, watch out for the quiet ones on the rungs below. They may surpass you.