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It’s hysterical the way my company is in move mode. Ever since they launched the GCC (Global Corporate Challenge), people are pacing, walking in place and strolling in groups. On the phone and even during presentations, locomotion appears to be the flavor of the day.

I applaud my company’s attempt to encourage healthy behavior. However, office celebrations still entail mounds of sugar in the form of over-sized cookies big enough to eat you rather than the other way around. Pizza parties, ice cream socials and multiple cakes to celebrate multiple birthdays are the norm in corporate offices.

Although I’ve been conscientious about wearing my step tracker, I don’t find it motivating, maybe because I’m not the competitive type, and the GCC campaign is designed for people who thrive on competition. I do enjoy mobility, but fare better when I compete with myself rather than virtual teams around the world. When I hear someone racked up 24,000 steps before lunch time, I know they have to be biking to the office and that’s just not feasible for everyone.

My office recently purchased a movable stand-up desk that employees can borrow when they tire of sitting. I thought it was a great idea, which prompted me to begin some online window shopping. It seems there are different versions of stand-up desks on the market and they can get pricey. I decided DIY (do it yourself) would be a good start, so I’ve been placing my keyboard, monitor and mouse on boxes atop my desk. I like it for short periods of time; still not sure the desk is a worthy investment. I need to read more reviews.

Getting back to the food (Isn’t that always the way?), if companies really want to help their employees get healthy, they would eliminate the demonic temptations that we easily succumb to during the 3 p.m. slump. Weight management is a mindset and I know that until I set my mind to deviate from the societal norm of food-centered celebration, recognition and socialization, walking umpteen steps a day won’t make a bit of difference.