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While finishing my Thai Salad at Panera Bread in Queens, NY, I watched as an elderly couple straddled in and selected a table near mine. “Order me a salad,” the woman commanded to her companion. “What kind of salad?”, he replied. “The Asian Salad,” she replied. But as she said it, her head turned toward the wall on which a large image of the Thai Salad was affixed. She turned to him and said, “What’s a Thai Salad?”, to which he responded, “How the hell should I know? It looks like there’s chicken in it.” She said, “OK, get me that,” followed by a quick reversal. “No, I’ll have the Asian salad.” The man obliged and proceeded to wait on line. Then, a voice came shouting back to the table, “What did you want, the Asian or the Thai Salad?” Appearing nonplussed, she replied, “Asian!”

I don’t know if familiarity with Queens, New York is a prerequisite to seeing the humor in this, but I found it hysterical.

By the way, Panera Bread’s Thai Salad is great! The Asian Salad is not bad either.