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Today’s Blogging 101 assignment (finally catching up) was actually the third prompt offered. The first one, about movie or book characters, is best left to a fictional writer. The second prompt, about holding a grudge, conjured up some bad childhood memories I’d rather not revisit right now.

I wouldn’t be writing at all tonight if it were not for the fact that the AFC Championship preempted my favorite Sunday night TV lineup. I hate when that happens. Sorry, I’m rambling. Where were we? Oh yes, the Blogging 101 assignment: making a prompt personal.

I am so grateful to be alive during this period of technological advances. I know there are many naysayers who battle with technology, which is blamed for frustration, confusion, dependency; too much exposure and not enough human contact; and constant breakdowns.

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But I see technical devices through a different lens. Yes, there’s a learning curve with each new software and upgrade, but once I get over the hump, it makes my life easier and opens up new avenues for creativity.

To explain why I think the the 21st century is a better place than the 20th century I grew up in, I’ve outlined a few if there/ I would scenarios.

  • If there was social media, I would have found people with commonalities beyond the boundaries of my physical community, and realized that maybe I’m not so weird after all.
  • If there was online research, I would have been able to learn so much more in less time. Anyone remember the Dewey Decimal System of library science? That always mystified me.

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  • If there were cell phones when I was 10 years old and locked out of the house, I would not have had to try to break through the glass storm door and cut my hand.
  • If there was an intranet and virtual office, I would have been able to work from home during severe snow storms rather than be trapped in a car or bus for six hours trying to get home from work.
  • If there were Kindles, I would have been well-read and had an enhanced vocabulary. The device also would have been great entertainment during those ever-so-long family road trips.

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  • If there was email and text, I would have stayed in contact with a lot more people. The telephone is my least favorite invention.

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  • If there were digital photos, I would not have lost the photos in the attic that were destroyed when the roof leaked.
  • If there were cordless phones (I know, I’m really dating myself now – shut up), I would have had privacy and mobility. I also wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to uncurl the forever tangled cord.

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I think about what my unborn grandchild will see in the 22nd century, when centenarians will most likely thrive given the trends in medical technology. What will she cherish that didn’t exist in 2015? Maybe she’ll say, “If there were daily flights to Jupiter, I would had a lot more job opportunities.”

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