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LinkedIn (LI) has been known as a virtual 24/7 job fair where job seekers could post their resumes, network with potential employers and solicit leads to promote their careers. Some companies use the site to search for candidates and promote their organizations to attract talent. Recently, the tide has shifted and the undercurrent of individual activity is now being leveraged by companies to promote their brand.

LI is different from other social media in that members use their real names and the names of their employers. However, unless you own the company, you are most likely on the site for your own personal benefit whatever that may be. So consider this scenario: One day you are an individual with a profile that reflects how you want to be perceived, posting personal opinions on articles and comments, and building personal and professional connections based on your own best judgment. The next day, you are cautioned to be cognizant that your online presence reflects upon your employer.

How do you feel about that? If you joined LI as an individual member and are now being positioned as an ambassador and guardian of your company’s reputation, do you proceed with caution or drop out of sight? What are your thoughts about writing online and how it may jeopardize your job? Does it stifle your creativity and openness?